The Anglo-Australasian Lawyers Society (UK Chapter) is a not for profit organisation for members of the legal profession with an interest in the legal sector in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Through a series of social events, seminars and presentations by distinguished speakers, members are given the opportunity to develop professional relationships and exchange ideas.


Our Mission

The Society’s mission is to enhance existing links between the legal professions of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom by providing a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest and by hosting regular social events.The AALS was established in 1998 as a non-profit association with chapters in London and Australia. The UK Chapter incorporated in 2014 as Anglo-Australasian Lawyers Society Limited, a private company limited by guarantee. The UK Chapter maintains strong links with other chapters of the Society based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our principal objectives

  • to preserve and promote the existing good relations between members of the legal profession in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • to preserve and enhance the rule of law in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • to promote the exchange of information and knowledge between members of the legal profession
  • to provide social and academic functions for members

UK Chapter

Since its formation, the UK Chapter of the AALS has hosted a wide array of talks and panel sessions with distinguished speakers from all walks of legal life as well as hosting many enjoyable social functions for members including, not least, an annual dinner and an annual summer parties atop NZ House.

Australian Chapter

The Australian chapter of the AALS is a thriving organisation, holding a number of events throughout the year.  It is currently under the guidance of chairman Gregory Nell SC.

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